Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding makeup artist in bangalore to Find Out If She’s the One


It’s now time to find a wedding makeup artist. It seems like there are many artists out there and you have to choose the best one for your wedding. This guide will help you to identify five critical questions that you should ask potential wedding makeup artists before you book them.

1. Do you have any experience with makeup on someone with my skin type?

You may have already seen the portfolio of previous brides or work that this makeup artist in bangalore has done (which is why your are contacting her). But what about the clients without makeup? What about acne, dark marks, scars under their eyes? Did they have wrinkles, freckles or a birthmark. It is important to see if this artist can contour and conceal real skin. A few before-and-after photos can help you determine if the makeup artist is capable of handling your skin. Let’s face the facts – lip gloss can make a already beautiful model even more gorgeous, but a skilled makeup artist can make her wrinkles disappear.

2. 2. What are the fees for wedding makeup artists?

What is the cost of professional wedding makeup? Is that inclusive of a trial makeup? What about taxes and gratuity? What are you supposed to pay? Whom? How? What payment methods are acceptable? Be wary of makeup artists who only accept cash payments. Are there hidden charges? Extra charges for extra services? Are you required to purchase products in advance? These questions will give you an idea of how much you should spend to have the wedding you desire. You don’t want to blow your budget on unforeseen costs for wedding beauty.

3. Are you covered by a service agreement?

You must have written confirmation of the terms of your agreement, even if your sister is your bridesmaid. Clear descriptions of the services can help you to avoid any unwelcome surprises on your big day.

4. 4.

You can and should. This question should be “How does the makeup trial work?” It is important to find out how far ahead it can be booked and when you can schedule it. Where would you like to hold the trial? Who can you schedule it? You should also ask the artist if you can schedule a trial makeup for your maid-of-honor. This could be a deal breaker if she isn’t willing to compromise.

There’s more! You might be surprised at who else could attend your makeup trial. Are there any family members or friends who could attend your trial? On the other hand, what makeup artist would bring along to your wedding makeup trial with her? Safety is the most important thing. Beauty is great.

5. Do you think that your makeup artist would be the same as mine on my wedding?

This is huge! It is not a good idea to have Naomi do your trial makeup and Jessica show up on your big day to do your bridal make-up. No! This is a recipe for disaster.

Your makeup artist should also be your wedding makeup artist. This is the only way to be certain. This is the only way to know what you will be getting on your wedding day. Ask your wedding makeup artist whether they will be attending any other events on your wedding day. If so, how many? Ask your makeup artist what happens if they have to cancel due to an emergency.

These are the main questions you should ask your wedding makeup artists to determine if she is truly “the one”. Doing a little prep work before your big day will make it easier for you to manage your makeup artist.

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