Five Games That Prove There’s Life In The Gen Yet


December 2007, I’m able to remember it fondly that was the month that I purchased the PlayStation 3 and by extension joined the next generation, in a rage against my peers who had jumped on the Xbox 360 – guess I did not know how crucial the internet would be. I’d finally accumulated enough money to purchase the black and ominous console along with an original copy Assassins Creed and was ready to be amazed and I was. Today, the world is preparing for the launch of the next generation of gaming systems, the first in seven years, and with all the excitement that you’d mistaken to forget about the stalwart consoles of our current generation. The faithful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have been great to us during their lengthy time in the spotlight, consistently providing us with unforgettable experiences such as Bioshock, Fallout 3, The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto IV and V, the complete Mass Effect and Uncharted trilogy.

We are now in the middle of a dark abyss, preparing to let go of our old pals and upgrade to their shinier, more appealing younger siblings: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, we shouldn’t rush to throw our old friends into the dark to remain in the darkness. Even with their younger sibling’s high-end specs, there are certain titles they aren’t able to provide and their elder brothers have some vigor to fight for them. The old computers still have something to show us in the days before as well after new ones connect to our TVs. experience with them isn’t over but. Here are five games to show that there is the future of this generation.

Grand Theft Auto: Online (1st October PS3, Xbox360)

Unfortunately Grand Theft Auto V is already out , so I’ve taken a gamble and pick its online version as an upcoming game that shows the current version isn’t all bad. What’s the reason you can’t be against me? Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect way to end the generation that has concentrated so much on making amazing open worlds for one thing, it’s technically one of the most amazing Sandboxes that I’ve ever played. With an amazing variety of customization options activities and heists that are intense to participate in, and some of the most efficient shooting mechanics , GTA:V is very polished and polished game for single-player players. GTA 5 Money Generator online takes it one step further. It takes all the good things and turns it into multiplayer. Invigorating battles with your players from different groups, clever groups of players collaborating to steal huge thefts, and all the customization that you could ever want What better way to be excited about one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences you’ve ever had?

Beyond Two Souls (8th October – 11th Europe PS3)

A thrilling thriller about murder PlayStation exclusive Heavy Rain was much hyped prior to its release in the year 2010. Once it came out to the world, it performed well commercially, even though it received mixed reviews from critics. The story about Ethan Mars, a man suffering from being devastated by the death of his child and the subsequent divorce as he is trying to stop his remaining son from being kidnapped by the game told a captivating story that was clunky and held together by gameplay made up of only QTE. As it tried to be cinematic the game was often boring to play. Even so , the David Cage team at Quantic Dream is ready to launch a new exciting adventure that revolves on Jodie (Ellen Paige) an innocent girl who is protected by the mysterious ghost known as Aiden. Trailers have shown various scenarios that make it hard to determine what is happening, but the studio’s tradition suggests this is going to be an interesting film.

Batman Arkham Origins (25th October PS3, Xbox360)

We gamers are taught to be skeptical of licenses, and often they’re a nightmare cash in’s. But what’s the ideal scenario? They’re fine. There have been a few surprises in the past that made us more thrilling than Rocksteady’s amazing 2009 adventure in the superhero genre Batman Arkham Asylum defying the title curse that plagues licenses. Instead, gamers got to play one of the most enjoyable games of 2009 as they played a thrilling comic book adventure that featured the main characters of the voice actors of the animated series such as Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and Joker respectively. Asylum was followed by the 2011’s Arkham City which knocked all the amazing combat, exploration, and discovery of the first step, making it an overall more enjoyable experience. After initial concerns regarding Warner Bros Montreal taking the wheel, the issue was put to rest. it’s safe to say that Batman Arkham Origins looks poised to repeat the experience yet.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasty XIII (11th February – 14th Europe PS3, Xbox360)

This is sure to be the most debated game in the list But, I’m sure you’ll hear me out. The current generation isn’t the most popular JRPG; actually, it’s been the worst. Instead of getting an array of Final Fantasy games we’ve been trapped into playing FFXIII two times. In spite of the annoyance it caused Square Enix releasing three games for a game we didn’t like, it’s not difficult to believe that there’s an audience somewhere in the world since the series consistently has millions sold each time. To that fan base Lighting returns: FFXIII will be an occasion which marks the conclusion of the story of the trilogies. Instead of the usual Final Fantasy combat for the first time, it’s a real time , which is sure to draw the curious to play the game again. In spite of all the doubt, maybe this is the moment Square Enix gets it right.

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