Learn how to play poker online – Learn from the pros at Full Tilt Poker academy


Full Tilt Poker Academy offers a great educational and entertaining resource that will teach you how to play poker.

Full Tilt Poker is home to some of the most prominent IDN POKER players! These professional poker players will be your teachers at the Academy. The following educational methods are used to deliver the content: Lessons, Sit n-Learns and Challenges, Sessions, Podcasts, and Sessions.

“Lessons”These are videos that are presented online by one of the Pros and discuss many topics. They are organized by difficulty level. This is the heart of the educational content that you will find in the FTP Academy. There are many topics that will interest you about poker games. The online videos are high-quality and well-produced.

Many lessons in poker are interactive.”Sit-n-LearnsThese are basically quizzes that help you review the lessons that you have just taken. These quizzes are designed to help you learn and review the relevant Lesson. The quiz also gives you a grade. This is based on how quickly you answer the questions and not just your correct answers. You may be eligible to participate in the Full Tilt Poker’s restricted Freeroll Tournaments if you have high scores.

“Challenges”These lessons are designed to help you use the skills you have learned in the Lessons. These Lessons give you goals to achieve on real money tables. As you complete those objectives, credit is added to your “My Academyā€¯ account. You can earn more Academy credits, which will allow you to access higher-level Lessons. These credits can be used at the FTPA Store to purchase a wide range of poker-related products and large prizes.

The final word is the”Sessions”, and “Podcasts”Channels allow FTP Pros and their players to share real game experience, as well as comment on each other’s thoughts during the actual gameplay. This Academy area is another great way to learn how “think and act like a pro”.

To access Full Tilt Poker Academy (FTPA), a Player ID is required. This means that you will need to download and install Full Tilt Poker’s software application. If you are reading this to improve your poker skills, you probably already have a Full Tilt Poker Account or would like one. It’s completely free! Get your poker education on and have fun!

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